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Software Consulting Services

Use our expertise to drive your successful digitization projects

Leverage our experience to make the right decisions

DataVision offers advisory services, ranging from detailed analysis of current business processes, the proposition of concepts, and software architecture to implementation and maintenance scenarios.

Our software consultants help you create a consistent IT strategy that fits your business. We make sure that the proposed solutions are aligned with your company’s initiatives and budget.

We help you on your journey to successful digital projects

DataVision is a highly-specialized technology company that has successfully implemented over 100 missing-critical projects. With in-house experts and dedicated teams, we give you the option to follow up on the outcome of our consultancy services by providing further software development. This way you can benefit from having a single trusted vendor that takes full responsibility for any stage of your digital project.


Analysis of business opportunities

  • Assessment of business initiatives, roadmaps and challenges.

  • Identification of processes to optimize or automate.

  • Conducting of feasibility study or proof of concept.

Digital project planning

  • Preparation of software specification.

  • Structuring the project into milestones.

  • Definition of project timeline & cost.

Software Architecture

  • Selection of the right of the technology stack.

  • High-level software design.

  • Definition of software components and their APIs.

Software Modernization

  • Strategy on how to retire legacy software.

  • Selection of technology stack for reimplementation.

  • Definition of software components and their APIs.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Selection of the right technology stack.

  • Creation of datasets and their annotation.

  • Building of robust AI models.

Machine Vision

  • Selection of the right technology stack.

  • Definition of a feasibility study.

  • Composition of risk analysis.

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