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Flexible Navigation Technology for AMRs

Welcome to REX, the pioneering force in autonomous mobile robot technology. Dive into a realm where intelligence meets mobility, powered by our innovative AI-driven fleet management system and cutting-edge vehicle control technology. Together, we're defining the future of autonomous mobile robotics.

We utilize our deep-tech expertise in AI,
multi-sensor data fusion, and machine vision to deliver cutting-edge technology for deploying and managing fully autonomous mobile robots.

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Fleet Intelligence

Our AI-driven fleet management system is the brain behind efficient vehicle operations. It predicts, plans, and optimizes fleet movements, ensuring tasks are completed with maximum efficiency.

Fleet Management System

A dedicated software package for managing your mobile robot fleet.


Through a user-friendly web interface, oversee your whole fleet, group them together, and track their performance.

Map Management Module

Handling all metadata associated with the nearby production environment.


Mobile robots consistently update the system from the field, with each robot adding to the map by sharing information such as traffic or changes in the surroundings. Additionally, it accommodates manual input from humans.

Planning & Scheduling Module

A robust software package designed to receive production task requests and transform them into individual plans for mobile robots. It also optimizes based on their locations and traffic conditions.


Real-Time Monitoring Module

Real-time system diagnostics

Through the web-based interface, you can track the position of each mobile robot and instantly view its current status.

Control Technology

Directly integrated into mobile units, this advanced control and navigation technology ensures safe and effective vehicle movements. Whether it's an autonomous robot or a human-driven vehicle, REX ACT guarantees precision in every turn.


Localization Capability

Accurate positioning of mobile robots is essential. Our technology leverages the combination of data from multiple sensors, ensuring robust position estimation across diverse industrial settings.


Planning & Scheduling

Converting the immediate route plan into a series of directional commands for the control unit to process.

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Control Unit

Transforming directions into simple commands, either to control actuators directly or to connect with a controller for platform movement.

REX system is supported by the Czech Technology Agency

Projekt “Systém navigace, lokalizace, řízení a plánování pro flotilu autonomních mobilních robotů”, číslo projektu FW03010020, je spolufinancován se státní podporou Technologické agentury ČR v rámci Programu TREND.

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