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Mobile Robotics Solutions

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We empower industries with Autonomous Mobile Robotics

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are being deployed in a wide range of applications from warehouse sorting to agriculture to security. These vehicles need to operate across a wide range of environments that may have difficult imaging conditions, whether operated in in-door, outdoor, smoke, haze, and various types of lighting environments,
and require robust vision systems to operate safely.

A fully digitized factory of the future will be controlled by robust technology that optimizes task performance while collecting and evaluating all production data. We utilize our deep-tech expertise in AI, multi-sensor data fusion, and machine vision to deliver cutting-edge technology for the deployment and management of fully autonomous mobile robots.

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Cutting-edge technology for autonomous mobile robots.

Adaptable AI-based technology for the central control of a variable fleet of AMRs. Hardware-independent deployment enables you to retrofit the existing warehouse vehicles for autonomous navigation.

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Fleet intelligence

Centralized fleet management system to coordinate various autonomous or hybrid fleets, and optimize their tasks efficiency

  • Real-time insights into task execution, precise mobile robot locations, and fleet status.

  • Scalable and versatile - applicable for both grounded and aerial mobile robots.

  • The VDA 5050-based communication interface can be deployed to AMRs from different vendors.

  • Optimized task control - advanced planning & scheduling algorithms utilizing learning capabilities over the cloud.

  • Highly adaptive technology - dynamic adjustments to changes along the route.

  • Hybrid fleet support - human-driven manipulators and different kinds of vehicles from various vendors possible within the fleet.


Control Technology

REX ACT is a set of equipment mounted on the mobile robot responsible for its control. REX ACT enables the mobile robot to sense the environment and thus perform the precise localization and navigation.

  • Central fleet management - connection to REX AI control server using standardized communication interface (VDA 5050).

  • Task execution - adaptive task execution with fallback strategies.

  • Fully autonomous - AMR navigation in open space and precise docking functionality. No predefined routes and instant re-routing.

  • Advanced localization technology - precise laser-scan localization and simultaneous mapping in the indoor environment.

  • Robust - ready for demanding industrial deployment thanks to sensor fusion principle.

  • 2D and 3D position determination.

Become an early adopter

REX technology is currently in a prototype stage, yet we have prototype installations at top companies. Help us to optimize our system in your production environment and get a very cost-effective solution with an access to our R&D resources in return.

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